Our New Name

Perth Home Care Services is now Avivo!  For almost 50 years we have been working together with Western Australians providing support for people to live in their home and community. Changing name is no small job and no doubt raises many questions. We wanted to provide some answers to some of these when people see Avivo. Of course, if you want more information please get in touch and we’d be happy to have a chat.

Why change your name?

For starters, it’s confusing having two names for one organisation: Perth Home Care Services in the metro area and Regional Home Care Services in the Wheatbelt and Coral Coast. Secondly, Perth Home Care Services could make you think we just clean houses. Not so. We deliver supports to thousands of Western Australians every day including helping around the house, clicking with community and building relationships. We’re passionate to achieve great outcomes.

What does it mean for me?

A new name, that’s it. Your supports will continue with the same great people. You’ll talk with the same great people and the only big change will be our email addresses and new phone number. The new 1300 428 486 number is used for all general enquiries and also for after hours support. 

The Crisis Support number 9204 7801 is for use by carers who need urgent support for a care recipient e.g. medical emergency, stress or other unplanned events. The real change is for us. We have a strong name that matches our amazing people who are creative, brave and have a strong ‘can-do’ attitude.

How did you settle on Avivo?

Speaking with customers and staff it became obvious ‘Perth Home Care Services’ didn’t fit. The ‘Yes.You’ campaign shines a light on the hundreds of stories where our people make a difference and we wanted a name and brand that supports this energy. It was clear we needed a name that captured all this and underlined how we work in partnership with people. Avivo, stems from the Spanish word ‘Vivo’ meaning ‘Live’ or ‘Alive’.

Combined with ‘Avivar’ a verb meaning to enliven, or to brighten – to create our own unique name.

Who chose the name?

We formed a Brand team in February 2015 made up of customers and staff from across the organisation whose job was to be part of the process of developing the new brand. Our arrival at Avivo was supported by the Board as fitting to our vision, values, focus and purpose. Then, we had to keep it a secret! Any change takes time to get used to, much like a new haircut. We ask you to give it time to get used to and we welcome your thoughts through our contact form.