2016 Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 26th Oct, 2016

The first AGM at our new Osborne Park office was held yesterday afternoon and what a great turn out.

Special thanks to Phil Thick Chairperson, Rosie Lawn CEO and Lee Watson CFO for their presentations and to Kevin Giles for a great Welcome to Country.

It was fantastic to recap on the year, reflect on the progress made and look towards the future.  

It was also wonderful to acknowledge and appreciate the 20 years of service given by Lesley Driscoll and Yvonne McArdle, who attended the AGM. Thank you also the contribution Brigitte Danzinger, Wendy Ibbitson and Janice Tromp have made over 20 years. We would also like to acknowledge the 15 years of service Silvia Giuffre, Anthony Hunt, Janette Kennedy, Jerome Kennedy, Sharon Robertson and Gemma Stevens have contributed. Please see the annual report for further details about employees who have worked for 10 and 5 years. 

Thanks again to everyone who made it to the meeting and hope you get a chance to read the Annual Report. It is available to download from our Publications page here http://avivo.org.au/about/publications/?annual-report=1