Alicia's South West Holiday

Monday 10th Oct, 2016

With Avivo's support Alicia recently got to fulfill the meaning of "Live Life" on a trip to South West WA and wanted to share her story with us.

With the support of Avivo and my wonderful team  I recently got to fulfil the meaning of the term "live life". First let me tell you my background; my name is Alicia and I'm thirty years old and live at home with my parents, I am currently part of the Ventilator Dependent Quadraplegic Community Care program.

At the beginning of April I went away on holidays to the South West region, not such a big thing I bet you are thinking ... but for me it was the first time without my parents and just with a group of my fun loving carers, four in total. I'm not going to let you into any secrets cos what happens on holidays stays on holiday.  So with the aid of mum, I booked a house that was wheelchair friendly actually it was designed for such a purpose TICK Cool location TICK

Then because of my particular circumstances the planning began. You see I need a fair amount of equipment to live my day to day life, I can just picture all of you vent dependants or wheelies nodding in agreement. I devised a system to pack items into colour coded plastic crates with everything I needed on a day to day basis.  Anyway off we went, the two vans packed to the roof,  the fun loving Carers and myself, Sat Nav and my iTunes playlist pumping.

The house was beautiful, location perfect and even the weather was good to us TICK, I awoke  to beautiful sunrises, ate wonderful meals cooked by the fun loving bunch, played games, chilled on the outdoor deck and watched the native wildlife. Oh did I mention I ate chocolate! Of course we had to visit the Margaret River Chocolate Factory! Yum . I also went to the Berry Farm and Busselton for the mandatory fish and chips but the highlight of my holiday was visiting Koombana Bay. I went there to see the Dolphins but unfortunately there were  none that I could see (without squinting) But what I did do.. was go on the beach ... in a beach chair ... and dipped my feet in the ocean for the first time in four years TICK TICK  (a small thing for many I know ). This one act made me so happy that I remembered life was for living, I was happy but the fun loving bunch were crying ! Bunch of softies really.

Anyway I just wanted to share some of my story and hope it inspires others to get out of their comfort zone and live life because anything is possible. I want to thank with all my heart my group of carers, without them this would not have been possible and I have never laughed so much ... now for my next trip, a cruise up the WA coastline next year.