Creating art and building community

Thursday 21st Sep, 2017

The Julian Pittendrigh Art Scholarship was established in 2015 and is used to assist Avivo customers to explore and develop their artistic interests.

Each year the award is open to one area with team members encouraged to talk with people they work for to find someone who might have a great idea that needs a little financial help.

So, it didn’t take long for Northern River Recovery Guide Sam Tenakoon to have a chat with Wil Dingo and put an application in.

Living in an apartment block Wil says many of his neighbours are keeping to themselves and might enjoy the chance to come together and create art pieces.

“With some support from the Scholarship I will be able to work with people in my block to get outside, work on different art works and take market space to even sell some of the work,” Wil said. Sam worked with Wil on the application and can’t wait to see how it comes along.

“Wil’s talented and I’m blown away by some of his artwork. He is also generous with his time and willingness to support people around him. This Scholarship provides Wil with the funds to start this exciting project and adds to his self confidence in being more independent.”

Wil will be using the $500 to purchase a number of things to help get the project underway including a trestle table, brushes, canvases, printing and the costs associated with taking a stall at Perth and Fremantle community markets. “This will help us get underway with the hope that people supporting our art will mean we can continue to create works and make them available for people to view and perhaps buy,” Wil said. We will keep in touch with both Wil and Sam to see how the project goes and hope to hear about where we can find them to check out the artwork.

Avivo Art Award Will Dingo 2017

Wil presenting Avivo CEO Rosie Lawn with a piece of his work, A Reflection.