Cruisy end to 2017

Tuesday 9th Jan, 2018

A team working well together for great outcomes with Alicia

Alicia’s parents Stuart and Lorraine were stoked at how Alicia’s year turned out and says it’s been the dedication and support of her team that made it.

“When we look back Alicia has had a great year. Her self-confidence has blossomed, she’s made huge gains in her physiotherapy regime and even went on a cruise without us,” the Watermans said.

With all the planning done it was now time for the ‘Main Event’ – a cruise up the coast of WA from Fremantle to Broome and return. Alicia thrived in the sea air and was queen of the trivia and music quizzes, pictured above at the ships White Party with support workers Vanitha, Trina, Jackie and Julie.

Particular mention should go to Team Facilitator/Community Nurse Katie Beattie for her tireless organisation and shift coverage; and support workers Julie, Vanitha, Trina, Jackie and Ilani. As a result, there were only four occasions throughout the year when outside support staff were called upon.

“This was amazing and really reflected the dedication of Alicia’s support team and we would really like to acknowledge how they all went ‘above and beyond’ to make it work and to know it’s their passion and support of Alicia that has made 2017 such a great year” said the Watermans.

Thanks to Northern Beaches Service Coordinator Monique Douglas for sharing this heart-warming story.

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