Great teams

Thursday 9th Nov, 2017

Supporting people to live their life is what we do best.

We love sharing the stories of the people we work with and the most recent Live Life story was extra special due to the cheekiness of Shannon and the amazing team he has around him in Bayswater.

Shannon and his mum Sam have been working with Avivo for many years and it’s been the real close relationship built, initially with the Nursing team, which has meant Shannon’s been able to live at home, attend school and keep his mum on her toes.

At the completion of nearly three months planning and filming, idea was hatched to host a special screening at the Osborne Park office, inviting Shannon, his family and the support team to share in the big reveal with other members of Avivo.

Adding to the thrill of the big reveal, Sam set up her pop up burger bar and treated everyone to some very tasty burgers. For Sam, this new business has been made possible with the strong team she has for Shannon. Shannon, who has recently transferred to NDIS funding, requires 24 hour per day high level support that involves managing his ventilator in the home, as well as at school. If you watch the movie, you’ll see that not much slows Shannon down as he gives everyone a run for their money in the school athletics.

We’re so glad Shannon and Sam let us in to share this beautiful story.

If you haven’t watched this story, do yourself a favour here.