ICLS making great connections

Friday 16th Feb, 2018

Avivo has a dedicated team to support people with mental health issues funded by the Mental Health Commission. The Individualised Community Living Strategy (ICLS) team recently shared the work they're doing with  *Mary towards achieving some great outcomes for her on the home front.

The softly spoken Noongar woman was keen to have Aboriginal mentors walking alongside her on her recovery journey and was pleased we were able to recruit two people who matched the importance she places on family connections and culture.

It was during early meetings involving people close to her that it became clear she was at risk of her losing her home due to extended family members staying too long and anti-social behaviours. The ICLS team worked with tenancy advocate SCALES to move Mary to a new one bedroom unit which would lessen the chances of extended visits from uninvited guests. The new unit was also closer to family and meant people could visit more easily and for shorter stays and it’s solved the issue of her possibly losing her home.

Recently everyone in the team attended a case conference and were happy with feedback from the Case Manager that they thought the efforts being made were like nothing they had ever experienced.  When asked by the Case Manager what she thought about her team, Mary simply said: “Yeah, they’re really good girls.”

Listening to our customers, finding the right mentor match, understanding what’s important  and securing a home that was the right fit located closer to family was a great outcome. In welcoming the new mentors into ICLS team and providing them with support and guidance has made all the difference for this woman and her personal recovery journey. 

*Name changed for privacy