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This Clifford Townsend Scholarship was established in 1998 in memory of customer Clifford Townsend to support employee learning and development applicable to their work with Avivo, over and above the core training provided by the organisation.

The scholarship is awarded to an employee or groups of employees seeking to develop their capacity to innovate in practice or lead to innovations in services and supports.

Who can apply
Avivo employees

The Clifford Townsend Scholarship is up to $8,000

Applications are now open for the 2022 Scholarship. Applications close on 28 September 2022.

How to apply
Download the application form here.

Previous projects include

2019: Personalisation Forum Group

The scholarship was awarded to Katrina Micro, Bev Salant and Julie Emerson to learn more about the user-led mental health peer support group Personalisation Forum Group (PFG) in the UK. The scholarship will fund exploratory work which may include a visit to PFG in the UK to see the model in action, or bringing its founder Kelly Hicks to Perth. The goal is to build knowledge within Avivo that may be applied in the community, to reduce social isolation and promote citizenship.

2018: Corporate Rebels workshop

The scholarship was utilised to fund a workshop run by the Corporate Rebels.  Eighty people from Avivo attended the full-day workshop to explore lessons in organisational and workforce innovation from across the globe.

2017: Visits to Buurtzorg,  JP van den Bent and  ZorgAccent

The scholarship was used to fund a trip to the Netherlands for seven employees. The group visited three organisations, Buurtzorg,  JP van den Bent and ZorgAccent, to learn about how these teams function and are structured.  All of the organisations have self-managing teams, where members are collectively responsible for their results.