Danika has been an Avivo customer since 2015. She was living with her parents then, and mainly spent her time with family and relatives. She didn’t have many of her own friends and lacked self-confidence.

Her parents assisted in managing her funding and found a very good Support Worker for her. Her mum had wanted her to live independently, and did a lot of work towards this. Unfortunately, her mum became unwell and passed away two years ago.

Danika’s dad, along with Avivo’s help, continued working on what her mum had started. It was important that the accommodation for Danika was in the right place.

Today, Danika lives in a new home. Prior to the move, her Support Worker helped her develop a range of new skills like cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and accessing public transport.

Danika moved into her new home in March 2019. She continues to be supported by Avivo while her family self-manages a part of the plan. Her Support Coordinator visits her and liaises with her family and providers to ensure that her supports are meeting her needs.

Danika has blossomed since living on her own. She takes care of her home, has formed a social circle, is more confident, and loves her life.