Updated 5 May 2022

What are Essential Services? 

Essential Services are supports that are directly related to a customer’s basic needs. Different customers will have different basic needs. If these needs are not met, the customer will be at risk of having their safety and wellbeing compromised.  

If Avivo needs to reduce service delivery, for example, during a lockdown or due to workforce shortages, we need to determine what the essential and non-essential supports are for each customer. 

Essential and critical services where no other supports are available to the customer 

  • Personal care/hygiene (Critical Support) 
  • Medication (access and prompting) (Critical Support) 
  • Shopping and cooking support on behalf of the customer (Virtual Support) 
  • Domestic cleaning support – where the customer is unable to complete this independently and this is an infection control concern (Minimal Support) 
  • Social and emotional support – where there are no networks or people living and/or in contact with the customer (Virtual Support) 
  • Supporting a customer to undertake essential shopping, medical appointments and travel to essential meetings (Critical Support) 

Non-essential supports 

  • Any of the above that can be completed by family and friends or suppliers e.g. Gardeners 

If you have further questions please contact your Coordinator.