Updated 12 July 2022

Avivo is closely following information provided by the Government.

The WA government has announced that effective from 10 June 2022 (backdated), WA’s mandatory COVID vaccination policy has been revoked for community workers.

The mandatory policy will no longer apply to most Avivo colleagues. Support Workers must still be triple-dose vaccinated if they provide supports in the following facilities:

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Residential aged care facilities
  • Disability support accommodation

Proof of vaccination is still required to enter these facilities.

What this means for you
Avivo strongly encourages all colleagues to be vaccinated as it is an important safeguard to protect colleagues and customers against COVID-19. You are welcome to request a vaccinated Support Worker.

Should you personally want to find out more about the vaccination or the government mandate you can access more information below:

COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate

Immunisation Medical Exemptions

COVID-19 Vaccine

Please reach out to your Coordinator should you have any further questions.