Wheatbelt evolution

Updated 3 December 2020

Why are we closing the office in Northam?

Covid has given us an opportunity – to see how we work when we’re ALL in and of community!

The lease was due for renewal and the Northam ‘office based’ team agreed that it was a good time to have a go at not having a fixed office address. The rest of Avivo can learn from the experience too, while we’re considering our office needs in a world where we’re working more flexibly within communities.

What if I want to see someone ‘in the office’?

We will make sure there are strategies in place so you can reach whoever you need to reach. We are identifying local community spaces that we can hire for face-to-face meetings. We plan to be in a local town working together at least once a fortnight.

What’s happening to the calls to the Northam office?

Since March this year, the Northam office number has been diverted to the Resource Teams so your call will continue to go through as normal.

Once we close the Northam office early in the new year, calls will be diverted to the Avivo Reception Team who will be able to forward your call to the person you would like to speak to.

Have you updated the website?

Not yet, but we will do in the new year once our signage comes down.

How will people know Avivo is still working in the Wheatbelt?

We will be looking at how we maintain and develop a solid community brand presence, not just in Northam but across the Wheatbelt. This may include attending regular local events, hosting recruitment workshops, sponsoring local groups whose work we believe in, radio spots… got an idea? Tell us! Comms.engagement@avivo.org.au

Will I be contacted?

All Wheatbelt customers will be posted THIS letter. If you have any questions, please speak to your Coordinator.