Small Sparks Grants

The Small Sparks Grants are available to Avivo customers and employees, and support people to live a good life as connected citizens in our communities.

If you have an idea that will get people connected to their community but you need some help to make it happen – read on! The Foundation provides $12,000 per year towards Small Sparks Grants, with a typical grant being for around $600.



Clifford Townsend Scholarship

The Clifford Townsend Scholarship is available to Avivo employees who are looking to develop their capacity for innovative practice.

The scholarship provides up to $8,000 to one employee, or group of employees, each year to support professional growth and development.



Julian Pittendrigh Arts Grant

The Julian Pittendrigh Arts Grant is available to Avivo customers and supports a diverse range of creative cultural pursuits.

This grant provides $600 to one customer each year to support their arts practice. It was launched in 2015 following a gift from Avivo customer Julian Pittendrigh, whose wish it was to support fellow customers’ creativity.