Updated 30 April 2020


It looks like we might be eligible for the JobKeeper payment for the month of April. We need as many employees as possible to agree to the scheme so that Avivo can secure the funding to remain financially viable. We will update you once we know if we are eligible. Read on if you have questions.


I already got paid more than $1500 per fortnight, so should I say ‘no’?

You should still say yes! Saying yes means that Avivo can receive the funding to help cover the cost of your wages, and the wages of all our colleagues during this time. We need as many people to say yes as possible!


I used up heaps of annual leave and personal leave – can I reverse this now?

Not yet, but Avivo will look at that and see what we can afford to do once we know how much JobKeeper funding we’ll receive.


I’m worried about getting JobKeeper as well as other government funding like JobSeeker.

You do need to look at that, and you need to declare all income to services Australia. If you agree to take part in JobKeeper, you should tell services Australia, so they can adjust any other funding like JobKeeper. If you are worried about the impact on your other funding, you may choose to say ‘no’ to JobKeeper, and that is ok


How do I know if I’m eligible?

Please read Appendix A of the letter. Most employees are eligible. Those who aren’t include people who weren’t yet employed on 1 March 2020, casuals who have been with us less than 12 months, and casuals who are permanent employees somewhere else so they’re getting JobKeeper from another organisation


So is this only for April?

It’s at least for April, we may continue to receive JobKeeper up to September, but we’re not 100% sure yet as the government guidelines aren’t clear. If our revenue improves, they may stop paying it in the next few months.


What do I need to do?

To claim this payment and pass it on to eligible employees, we need all of you to:

  • Open the JobKeeper email sent earlier today (30 April 2020). Note: The sender is ‘JobKeeper’.
  • Read the email and the letter attached, along with Appendix A and B.
    • Hit ‘reply’ to the email and send your response (either ‘yes’ or ‘no’).
    • If you do not reply, this is the same as responding ‘no’ as we will not be able to claim JobKeeper on your behalf without your agreement.
    • The deadline to reply is 5pm Friday 1 May 2020.


If you didn’t receive the email, please let us know by emailing jobkeeper@avivo.org.au