Flexible Management

For many, how you manage your funding and supports is your decision. You have the choice to take on as much of the direction of your funding as you feel comfortable with or we can manage in partnership.

How it works is never black and white: often somewhere in between. You might feel better with us looking after everything to do with your funding and service. Or you might like to take some items on yourself or want training to move towards greater independence.

Together we reach an agreement on the amount of involvement you want and establish a fee for our services. Many people using the Flexible Management style are comfortable to change the agreement if their circumstances change to require more or less supports.

It’s your life, your funding and we work with you to get the best outcomes and service.

To help start the conversation we have three options: We manage, We manage together and You manage. Once we understand your requirements we refine it further so it suits. For us it’s all about a partnership.

We manage

This suits people who might feel life is busy and tricky enough already and would like to have us do more of the heavy lifting in setting up supports and keeping things running smoothly. 

You’re very much an active partner in the process; choosing the services and supports you want.

Choice, power and control are central in every option and you can always change the management style of your funding later if you wish.

We manage together

There might be aspects of your supports you want to have a greater say in or have control of. When we manage together we can make this happen. For instance, if you would like to manage the recruitment of your team we can help to manage reference checks and set up payroll.

In addition to bookkeeping we can help in other areas such as training through to rostering and other coordination. 

When we manage together you have the choice to take on as much of the planning of the day-to-day as you want. 

You manage

Would you like the choice of greater control in how your supports are managed but know there is always back up available if your situation changes?

Typically, we find people like this approach after they feel settled in the routine of a plan. You might wish to take charge of the recruitment of your support team from advertising to payroll. You could choose to manage the support coordination. There’s many areas you’re welcome to take charge and we can help you get trained up so you can take them on. It’s easier walking a tightrope knowing there’s a safety net and that’s us.  

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