What do you want to achieve?

We are absolutely committed to working with you to understand how we can be helpful to you in your life.

When you share with us what is important to you we work with you to find ways to make it happen. We challenge ourselves and you, making sure we are working towards or delivering on these outcomes.


It’s all about you being in the driver’s seat. You’re in control in terms of making decisions in your life and your supports. Of course being in control means being responsible for the good and not so good choices. We all make mistakes, that’s life. We learn together, we’ll always be there and we move on.


What can we work on together that gives you a sense of purpose, drive and ultimately, achievement? This may not be a quick fix, but more a part of your journey that involves learning, challenging and growing.


Funding is there to support you to live your life and we want to be sure you’re in control and getting the best results.

We’ll work together on a plan that might include greater control of your funding, finding employment or even helping you start your own business.


Home is a place you feel safe, have a sense of belonging and the people around that you want.

Together we’ll work to keep both you and your house in good shape.


How can we work in partnership to create a space where you have as much support as you need but also the chance to help others? There’s so many options we can explore with you.

Community Life

Being active and feeling a part of a community makes life more interesting. We’ll work creatively with you and it can sometimes be surprising where this takes us.

Love and relationships

What this means to you is important to us. We’ll talk with you about the relationships that you have and want.

Safe and Well

If you don’t feel safe or well it’s hard to live life. Sometimes we need to make sure this is right so you can focus on the other parts of your life.