Our Services

Our services support you to live life. For some it’s having personal care, holding a house together, keeping a job, building friendships or being part of a community. Our services also support family and carers with the important contribution they make to your life.

For You

Personal and specialised care

The team you choose to work with can provide a range of personal care services that include:

  • getting up, showering and dressing
  • eating well, meal preparation and shopping
  • keeping well, prompting medication or checking blood sugar levels.

We also provide specialised personal care for people with particular health conditions such as bowel, catheter or ventilator care.

Help in the home

We can help you in the home with all or some of the jobs required to keep things running smoothly.

Some of the areas we support include:

  • cleaning
  • cooking
  • budgeting, and
  • shopping.

Depending on what you need, we will work with you to build your capacity to carry out as much of these tasks as you like or look after them completely so you can get on with other things. We’ll help you keep your house in order and of course if you have pets, we’ll make sure they get a good scratch behind the ears. We’ll sit down with you and talk about how we can offer the most benefit.

Maintaining your home and neighbourly relations

Housekeeping and living in a community is more than tidying up and mowing the lawn, but that can sometimes be a good starting place for good relations with the landlord.

Knowing your neighbours and having good relations with them can make an enormous difference to your life.

We’ll help you develop a plan that gives you peace of mind knowing your home is being managed and you have the support of your neighbours. We’ll listen to you and learn what’s important, then work together towards finding the best solutions.

Getting out there

Want to be a part of a community or do you just want some help with the shopping?

Finding things to do in your area, hooking into networks and groups with shared interests or trying something new, your team is there to show you what there is to explore and the adventures you can have.

Avivo has some great ties with like-minded organisations who hold various fun events to give people the chance to enjoy themselves, make new friends and get busy.

We’re also happy to help you get to work or do some of the more day-to-day stuff like going to the shops, appointments, sports training and other errands.

Sharing a home

Shared Living is where people live together and build their relationship within the home.

There are a few ways it works, but the end result is always the same – providing support for people to live independently.

You might want a housemate to live with and provide some help around the house. Or you could live with a family or individual in their home and receive the support you need.

How it looks can be adjusted to suit your needs but what remains at the core is a safe and supported environment that often produces wonderful friendships and personal growth.

Types of Shared Living

There are a number of ways it works. Put simply, you can live with someone or they can live with you. You might only live with someone for short stays, once a month or it could be on a fulltime basis.

Your supports are discussed with you and your housemate and can vary from help with meals, cleaning the house through to more support such as help with getting in and out of bed or preparing for the day ahead.

Shared Living suits people who might like a little bit of company at home and comfort knowing there’s someone else in the home who can help if required.

There is flexibility in the way you can fund this service. For example, housemates can live rent free or they can be paid through your funding.

Benefits of Shared Living

Greater independence, a home to feel part of and the chance to build great friendships. These are just some of the benefits we have found.

It’s more than a roof over your head. It can be the start of the next exciting chapter in your life: building networks, gaining greater confidence and making new friends. What we have found is that so many more options open up when you feel safe, have a sense of belonging and have a team around you who is willing to work with you.

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Peer support

Sometimes it can be easier to find what works for you by learning from someone who has done it before.

Peer support gives you the chance to learn what worked for others and have a mentor who can share their journey with you. It might mean a few less bumps on the road during your own journey.

LinkAge – support for people experiencing memory loss

Avivo understands that some people with memory loss may want to remain living in their own home, in familiar surroundings being supported, to care for themselves.

LinkAge assists people with memory loss who live alone in the community. Our focus is on building relationships, collaborative approaches to solve day-to-day household management issues as well as establishing connections to the person’s local communities.

LinkAge’s success is based on the fact that we take time to get to know the person as an individual, their cultural background, abilities, interests, history and family.

We plan for and implement supports that are timely and identify and then reduce risks that may impact on the person’s safety and wellbeing. We establish daily routines and support people to continue to participate in the activities they currently enjoy or engage in new ones to maintain their social networks.

We also link people to other support groups who can help with other areas like meals, assistive technologies and making the home safer.

Our experienced staff are recruited based on their strong values and attitudes and receive specific and ongoing training in dementia care.

Life coach

There can be times when you need a mentor to help guide you through change and stay on track.

Our mentors are beside you when you need them.

Equipment and Technology

Sometimes the best support is what you can do for yourself with a few adjustments and some fresh thinking. We work closely with, and know of a number of organisations who are able to work in with you to put in place the right equipment and technologies that support your independence.

We want to work with you for the best outcomes and sometimes that means working in with other specialist organisations.

Specialised Nursing

Our nurses provide training and support to your support teams and can also provide a consultancy service in areas including:

  • assessment and professional advice on clinical situations
  • information, training and supervision about medical conditions
  • personal care, and
  • specialised care tasks traditionally undertaken by nurses.

In the cases where support workers, family and carers are required to carry out specialised care such as intermittent catheterising, or gastrostomy feeding, our nurse consultants ensure competency training is delivered.

Behaviour Support

There can be times when a person’s behaviour is holding them back and it can be worthwhile bringing in some fresh ideas.

We provide positive behaviour support that can help you identify underlying issues or stresses, and find ways to better manage them. We’ll work to identify potential triggers and approaches that could defuse and improve the situation.

Team Development

We have learnt a lot about what it takes to build and maintain good support teams around people and have various approaches to support people develop their teams.

We have dedicated roles to assist people to mould their support to be the best it can be. Our development team can support people with anything from designing individual supports, facilitating meetings, to building brilliant teams.


If you want to become independent in managing your funding we can provide support so you are confident in handling the critical areas of your packages.

Payroll, training, support coordination are just some of the areas we can work with you so you feel capable and in control.

For Family and Carers

Providing a break

We can provide the supports in the home or community that give a family or carer the chance to take a break and recharge.
We may also be able to help you get away and recharge by assisting you with the planning and some funding to help you get there.

Family Mentoring

If you don’t know how to navigate the system and are feeling lost, it might be of benefit to talk to someone with shared experience.

With family mentoring you get the chance to build your strength and capacity by working with someone who’s walked in your shoes. You might take away new strategies or have the light bulb moment knowing you are not alone and there are people who understand the challenges.