We All Matter Conference 2019

Avivo recently held its first mental health conference. Held over two days in October, close to 300 employees came together to develop their skills and knowledge in the area of mental health.

The conference was organised by the Mental Health Interest Group. Executive Officer Kate Fulton from the Interest Group shares: “The We All Matter Conference was a huge success in many ways. It was a chance for colleagues to pause, connect and consider mental health for ourselves, our colleagues and our customers. The conference was designed for colleagues by colleagues, and you could tell the energy was palpable on both days.”
“Some of the people who led workshops or shared a story invested so much in the planning and delivery, aiming for engaging, thought-provoking sessions. The feedback from everyone would indicate that they more than pulled it off.”
Participants and speakers alike enjoyed the conference. Keynote speaker Margaret Doherty, Founder and Convenor of Mental Health Matters 2, shares that it was a privilege to be invited to deliver a keynote on a topic that's close to her heart and which she believes is fundamental to the work we do.
She adds: “It was a delight to be part of such rich discussions while enjoying delicious food, a thoughtful program and a chance to meet up with old friends and make some new ones.”
Indeed, the sense of connection and community was wonderful to see. As Kate aptly puts it: “The conference showed us all that the Avivo community has the energy and commitment to really work together to celebrate the work we do and appreciate ourselves and our colleagues.” We couldn’t agree more.
Congratulations to our Mental Health Interest Group for delivering the conference!

Download the full program here.

Find the links to the various workshop content here:



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