Avivo. It's all about you.

We work together with people like Lee to plan and provide the support he needs to live life. 

Avivo: Live Life

For almost 50 years we have been a leading not-for-profit home care services provider working with people in their homes and communities in the areas of disability, ageing and mental health.

Our teams are based throughout Perth, the Coral Coast and the Wheatbelt of Western Australia.

People using our services enjoy being in control of their supports with assistance from people who are flexible and committed towards bringing their best to deliver great results.

Avivo and the NDIS

Avivo is a registered service provider for people with NDIS funding. We have customers involved with the recent WA NDIS Trial as well as the NDIA rollout and can help people transfer their plan and services to the Federal NDIA. We’re happy to talk with you about using your funding to get the services and supports you want.

My Aged Care

Avivo is an approved My Aged Care provider working with people who are aged and frail to live at home and be part of their community.

The keys to living your life.

You know your life better than anyone. Where you want to go and what’s important to you is what matters. Together, we’ll develop plans that put you on the path towards meeting your objectives in ways that make sense to you.

Margaret at her art launch event


Taking charge of your own life.

One of our customers, Win, at the beach


Setting your own direction.

Lee, doing his exercises on a bike


Having enough to live life.

Helen and her mum, Win making a cake


Having a place where you belong.

Trevor supporting his mum


Giving and receiving help. 

Ronnie and her support worker, at the ten pin bowling

Love & Relationships

Having friends & family, loving people and being loved.

Margaret and her dog, having some fun

Safe & Well

Looking after your health and feeling safe.

Jo and a friend walking in the park

Community Life

Being active and valued in your community.

Our service starts with you.

Our service starts with a conversation: we listen and learn from you and then we work with you.


Step 1: Meeting

We love what we do and we’re proud of our people. You’ll get that feeling when you meet us. It’s our ‘can-do’ attitude that makes the time you spend with us well worth it. Together we’ll help you understand what's available and  what we offer. We work with many agencies and Government departments and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how we can make things happen. 


Step 2: Planning together

You're the best person to tell us about your life and what works for you. We have lots of experience in supporting people that we can share.. Our  job is to understand you and what is important to you. How do you like your day to flow? Who is important to you?  How do you want to live?  It’s your life, and we support you to make things happen your way.

Live Life2

Step 3: Living Life

Once you are happy with your plan, we set up your supports and services. We know how important it is to have the right people – people who will work well with you. We also know that in real life plans change, which is why we see flexibility as being central in how we support you to live your life.


Step 4: Reviewing

We want to make sure that what we are doing meets your needs, and if it’s not working, then we’ll make it better. Are the services achieving what you hoped for? Is there something you want to include or change? Do we start planning for different goals? It’s your life, you’re the one in charge and we work with you to get you where you want to go.

Taking control through Flexible Management

You make the decisions about your life and the supports that make sense and work for you. This includes the decisions about your funding and services. You take on as much responsibility as you like and have Avivo take on the rest. We call this Flexible Management. It provides you the control of things you feel confident with along with peace of mind knowing you have extra support if and when you need it. Avivo is passionate about working in partnership with each person and we are really proud of the range of services provided through this flexible approach.

We manage

Jimmy wants to live at home with his family, doing the things that are important to him: building a great relationship with his children, staying fit and wanted Avivo to work closely with his family to make this happen.

Choosing his team, getting out of the chair and into the gym, even planning a holiday to India, Jimmy’s calling the shots and trusts us to make it happen. Share in Jimmy’s story to understand how we work alongside people. 

We manage together

Terry lives at home and enjoys a team approach with Avivo to put in place what he needs for his life. It’s the roundtable sharing of ideas that has meant finding ways to get Terry connected and back into study as well as getting out in the community with greater independence. 

Terry feels his life has shifted in a good way and in working together, we’ve listened to what he wants to get out of the home but also how could we find the next challenge, in Terry’s case, going to university. Learn more about Terry’s journey to understand how we can manage your supports together.

You manage

Deborah wanted to choose and employ people to work with her two sons that she could train and develop so they received the best support possible. We assisted her to manage her funding. 

We’re always there to help with queries and assist her with problem solving. This gives Deborah real peace of mind. Watch Deborah’s story to see how this approach might work for you.

Support when you need it: how you need it

We work with people who need individualised support to live life due to becoming aged and frail, having a disability or experiencing mental ill-health.

Mental Health Services

We support people who are experiencing mental ill-health with their recovery, establishing their life at a pace which is right for each person.

Disability Services

We support people with disabilities with to live at home and establish their life in the community. Each person’s goals are unique and we work with people and their families to find the right services to match people’s needs.

Aged Care Services

We support elderly people to live at home close to friends, connected with family and community.